Nambé’s passion for exceptional design began in 1951, and was inspired by the discovery of our proprietary alloy material. Since then, Nambé’s has been combining fine materials with hand craftsmanship and design from the world’s most esteemed designers. Each Nambé piece must possess timeless beauty, artistic integrity, uncompromising quality, and function beyond compare. Nambé is a family-owned company recognized worldwide for its award-winning designs, and admired for its dedication to both artistic integrity and everyday functionality.

Nambé transcends trends and generations with mid-century modern design tailored to today’s consumer. We enhance lives with product that emotionally connects, quality that inspires, and a brand that shares in the lifestyle aspirations of our customer, whether formal or casual.

Nambé is art designed for everyday living.

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Butterfly Bowl - 2 qt.

Among Nambé's earliest and most beloved designs, the Butterfly bowl was unveiled shortly after the birth of the company in the early 1950s, the creation of New Mexico sculptor Richard K. Thomas. This gloriously curved vessel is simple and joyful, its elongated sides gracefully reaching upward like wings aloft. In contrast to its namesake, however, this Butterfly is solid, weighty, and unexpectedly practical. The Nambé metal from which it is made is excellent at retaining temperatures at either e..

£123.00 Ex Tax: £123.00

Tri-Corner Bowl - 11-inch

The Tri-Corner Bowl, designed in 1967, exemplifies Nambé's organic and modern design. This classic continues to enchant as both a work of art and serving piece.  Made of Nambé Alloy 3 Qt., 11"D X 5" H. Hand wash; dry immediately Designed by Richard K. Thomas..

£165.00 Ex Tax: £165.00