Wei Young

Wei Young

Wei Young’s design work for Nambe can be characterized by his refined sense of form, fluidity and functionality.  He is an award winning designer based in New York City and a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design.  His designs and creations offer innovative solutions that strive for visual beauty and enhanced user experience.

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Scoop Server

The award-winning Scoop Server is a functional and modern twist on the classic chip and dip. A smaller vessel hangs over the larger bowl in a graceful arc, allowing for easy, all-in-one-place dipping. Fill with chips and salsa, vegetables and guacamole, or stones with a tea light for an elegant non-mealtime look. Made of Nambé Alloy 11" D. X 8" H. Lower Bowl: 2.5 Qt. Upper Bowl: 6.75 Oz.  Hand wash; dry immediately Pair with the Scoop Server Mini Designed by Wei Young ..

£215.00 Ex Tax: £215.00

Drift Cheese Board W/ Knife

A great cheese service set is a must-have for anyone who loves to entertain, and the Drift Cheese Board with Knife, designed by the award-winning artisan Wei Young, is one of our favorites. The base of the piece is fashioned from a thick, weighty, gorgeous piece of acacia wood, artfully curved to give it a natural, elemental feel. A divot along one side makes it easy to move and pass, and a sleek stainless steel knife tucks neatly into the side. Board is made of Acacia wood and knife stainl..

£85.00 Ex Tax: £85.00

Drift Serving Bowl - Small

Simple, stylish, and endlessly useful, Wei Young’s wonderful Drift Serving Bowl features a subtle lip that makes it easy to pass, and graceful lines that let it work beautifully on fine dining occasions or in casual and eclectic settings. The Drift Serving Bowl is fashioned from pure Nambé alloy, which means you can heat it or chill it to keep culinary creations at the just-right temperature. Small size is ideal for sauces, garnishes, nuts, berries, dips, and more. Made with Nambé AlloyBowl: 25 ..

£85.00 Ex Tax: £85.00

Fruit Tree Bowl

The Fruit Tree Bowl adds a delicious sense of fun and jubilation to the kitchen or dining room. Fill the bowl with seasonal produce, and drape bananas or grapes over the Nambé Alloy fingers for a celebration of wholesome goodness. The rich, natural wood tones make the fruit colors pop, and the upward gesture of the fingers - and of the shape of the bowl itself - give this unique piece an irresistibly playful spirit. Made Of Nambé Alloy and Acacia wood 12” L. X 11.5” W. X ..

£113.00 Ex Tax: £113.00

Drift Chip & Dip

With its lively form done in bright, beautiful Nambé alloy, the Drift Chip & Dip is a fashionable and functional work of art. Created by the renowned designer Wei Young, the piece features subtle lines that suggest drifts in the desert sand. An instant conversation piece, this piece can be chilled for use with vegetables and dip or warmed for use with fresh chips and chili con queso. Makes a truly memorable wedding or anniversary gift.  Made with Nambé Alloy13\" L. X 9\" W. X 6.5\" HHan..

£175.00 Ex Tax: £175.00

Drift Condiment Server

Petite Nambé condiment bowls feature gentle ripple designs and easy-to-grasp rims, making them perfect for presenting and passing condiments at the dinner table; when they’re not being used, they fit neatly into a base hewn from acacia wood. An artful way to serve sushi condiments, nut trios, dinner sauces and more--or on the breakfast table with jams and jellies. These unique bowls can be warmed and chilled.  Made with Nambé AlloyBowl: 3.2 oz.16\" L. X 4\" W. X 3\" HHand washDesigned by We..

£110.00 Ex Tax: £110.00

Drift Large Bowl W/ Servers

Simple, stylish, and endlessly useful, Wei Young’s wonderful Drift Large Bowl with Servers features subtle handholds that make it easy to pass, and graceful lines that let it work beautifully on fine dining occasions or in casual and eclectic settings. Curved Acacia wood servers fit perfectly into the bowl, which is fashioned from pure Nambé alloy - go ahead and chill it or heat it to keep your creations the just-right temperature. This large size is perfect for side dishes of all kinds.  M..

£123.00 Ex Tax: £123.00

Drift Platter - 17.5"

Subtle, meandering lines on the Drift Platter capture the beauty of sand drifts in the desert and the lovely asymmetry of nature’s creations. The lines are practical too, making it easy to arrange your culinary creations. Heat it up for use with grilled seafood, kebabs on skewers, corn on the cob, and more. Or chill it and bring it out to the deck piled high with shrimp or veggies. Subtle handles at either end make it easy to pass. Made with Nambé Alloy17.5\" L. X 10\" W. X 2\" H.Hand washDesign..

£150.00 Ex Tax: £150.00

Harmony Chip & Dip

The Harmony Chip & Dip is an entertaining must-have with a generously sized main bowl, great for piling high with tortillas or pita chips. Crafted of solid Nambé Alloy, the dip bowl can be removed for chilling or warming. Made of Acacia Wood and Nambé Alloy 12” D x 6.5” H Hand Wash; dry Immediately Designed by Wei Young ..

£85.00 Ex Tax: £85.00

Harmony Mezzaluna w/ Herb Chopper

Beautiful and brilliantly functional, the Harmony Mezzaluna with Herb Chopper makes chopping basil, rosemary, cilantro, and other herbs quick and hassle-free. Stainless steel chopper does twice, even three times the chopping as a conventional knife per stroke; it’s also easy to wash and stores neatly at the side of the block. Solid acacia wood base is gently scooped for a perfect fit with the chopper, and a little help in keeping every last bit off the counter. The ideal gift for an ..

£86.00 Ex Tax: £86.00