Salad Bowls

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Yaro Salad Bowl with Servers

Made from rich Acacia wood, the finely patterned grain is highlighted by the Yaro Salad Bowl's sculpted curves.  The accompanying salad servers have Acacia wood heads and handles made of our signature Nambé Alloy.  Made of Acacia wood and Nambé Alloy 64 Oz., Bowl: 14"D. X 7" H Servers: 13" L. Wash by hand; dry immediately Pair with Yaro Individual Salad Bowls  Designed by Sean O'Hara  ..

£123.00 Ex Tax: £123.00

Anvil Salad Bowl with Servers

Serve up your gorgeous Greek salad, fresh-as-can-be Niçoise or classic Ceasar in a bowl worthy of your concoction’s mouth-watering allure. Our acacia wood Anvil Salad Bowl is the perfect counterpoint to bright greens and veggies. A pair of matching, softly fluted servers curve genteelly around the bowl’s rim to form a fitting resting place. With this Nambé piece in your sideboard, your salad just might steal the spotlight from the main course! Made of Acacia wood and iron-finished Nambé Allo..

£165.00 Ex Tax: £165.00

Braid Salad Bowl with Servers

A solid and substantial cut of rich Acacia wood forms the heart of this stunning salad bowl. The dramatic grain of the wood is accentuated by the elemental shine of chrome on the handles and at the ends of the serving spoon. Chrome plated and Acacia wood Bowl: 20” L. x 16” W. x 4.5” H. Servers: 12” L. x 3.2” W.Hand wash Design by Sean O’Hara ..

£180.00 Ex Tax: £180.00

Butterfly Salad Bowl with Servers

Irresistible to the touch and the eye, the Butterfly Salad Bowl and server set lends serene beauty to fresh greens and ensures breezy functionality for the cook. Created for Nambé by designer Sean O'Hara, the piece marries rich wood to lustrous alloy for a look that is both elemental and modern. Sweeping upward lines, a scooped interior, and a trim foot create a loft that pays tribute to the bowl's namesake. Its intelligent and thoughtful design highlights the acacia wood's compelling grain from..

£175.00 Ex Tax: £175.00

Butterfly Salad Bowls (Set of 4)

As light and lovely as its namesake, the Butterfly Individual Salad Bowl makes a beautiful backdrop for the bright colors of mixed greens or the pretty shapes of composed fruit. Organic in material and in shape, the bowl combines flowing scooped sides with a rippling rim, all enhanced by the rich grain of its wood materials. Luxurious to the touch, the acacia wood strikes a delicate balance between harmony and contrast, with subtle vertical lines, petite knots, and intriguing whorls. Even when f..

£67.00 Ex Tax: £67.00

Harmony 3-Piece Salad Set

Elegant lines and flowing curves done in rich, gorgeous acacia wood make the Harmony Salad Set an instant classic. The set features a generously rounded bowl and with uniquely shaped tongs—making it easy to toss and arrange your healthy creation. Watch how the deep color of the wood sets off the bright greens, reds, oranges, and fresh food hues as you set out your masterpiece for friends and family. Acacia wood Bowl: 12" L. X 11.5" W. X 6" H. Servers: 12" L.Hand wash; dry immediately Designed by..

£65.00 Ex Tax: £65.00

Yaro Salad Bowls (Set of 4)

Made of rich Acacia wood, the finely patterned grain is highlighted by the  sculpted curves on each of the Yaro Salad Bowls. The bowls are sold as a set of four. Made of Acacia wood 36 Oz., Ea. 7" D. X 3.75" H. Hand wash; dry immediately Pair with Yaro Salad Bowl with Servers Designed by Sean O'Hara ..

£65.01 Ex Tax: £65.01

Nara Salad Bowl w/ Servers

Great for everyday use without taking up extra space on the table – or in your cabinet – the Nara Salad Bowl is sized for casual family dinners and intimate get-togethers with friends. With gleaming Alloy and wooden handles, the bowl’s curved shape and flared opening complement any table décor. Made of Nambé Alloy, Acacia Wood10.5” D x 5.5” HServers: 11” L x 3” W, eachHand wash; dry immediatelyDesigned by Sean O’Hara..

£100.00 Ex Tax: £100.00

Braid Glass Salad Bowl w/ Servers

Take everyday elegance a step further with the Braid Glass Salad Bowl with Servers. Versatile enough to transition between casual and formal occasions, the braided design on the base and servers add just the right amount of intrigue. Made of Chrome Plate, Glass, Stainless Steel Bowl: 12”D x 6”H; Servers: 10.5\"L x 2.5\"W Hand Wash Base; Bowl and Servers Dishwasher-Safe Designed by Sean O’Hara ..

£155.00 Ex Tax: £155.00