Condiment and Nut

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Braid Condiment Server

The Braid Condiment Server features a bright braid arranged in a free-spirited series of coils to form a home base for a trio of stunning wood bowls, gently organizing and elevating them. The gleaming chrome accentuates the rich grain of the acacia wood, and when the trio is filled with colorful condiments—green olives, chopped tomatoes, corn salad or anything else -  that’s when the piece really comes alive. Chrome plated and Acacia wood 11.75” L. x 11.75” W. x 3” H. Each Bowl: 12 ..

£118.00 Ex Tax: £118.00

Braid Nut Bowl

A true style standout! The Braid Nut Bowl features sumptuously smooth Nambé Alloy inside with a wonderfully tactile braid texture along the rim. This versatile vessel is the perfect way to add polish to eclectic or earthy décor - or to bring a pop of texture to design schemes that forefront crisp lines and smooth surfaces. The perfect size for keeping out on the coffee table or sideboard. Fill it with nuts, rose petals, candies, or anything else! Nambé Alloy 5.5"L. x 6.25"W. x 2" H.Hand w..

£65.00 Ex Tax: £65.00

Drift Condiment Server

Petite Nambé condiment bowls feature gentle ripple designs and easy-to-grasp rims, making them perfect for presenting and passing condiments at the dinner table; when they’re not being used, they fit neatly into a base hewn from acacia wood. An artful way to serve sushi condiments, nut trios, dinner sauces and more--or on the breakfast table with jams and jellies. These unique bowls can be warmed and chilled.  Made with Nambé AlloyBowl: 3.2 oz.16\" L. X 4\" W. X 3\" HHand washDesigned by We..

£110.00 Ex Tax: £110.00

Triple Condiment Server

The Triple Condiment Server is a convenient, stylish way to present and pass a trio of toppings or sauces. The interior is polished to a mirror finish for a brilliant shine. It's also a great way to display natural treasures like polished stones, dried flowers, shells, and more.  Made of Nambé Alloy 6 Oz. ea., 13" D. X 4.5" H. Hand wash; dry immediately Designed by Steve Cozzolino ..

£85.00 Ex Tax: £85.00

Eco Nut Bowl

The nature-inspired Eco Collection features a champagne satin finish for a soft golden hue. The leaf design is brilliantly captured in the Eco Nut Bowl, perfect as an accent piece on a sideboard and just as useful when filled with nuts, holiday candies and more. Made of Nambé Alloy with Champagne Gold Plating8.75” L x 5.5” W x 1.75” HHand wash; dry immediatelyDesigned by Neil Cohen..

£65.00 Ex Tax: £65.00

Bella Triple Condiment

An exquisite way to present and pass a trio of condiments, the Bella Triple Condiment Server has the innate style and substance of an heirloom piece. The server can be heated or chilled so that condiments stay at the perfect temperature. A shining, artful addition to any table. Made of Nambé Alloy 11" L x 7.5" W x 3" D Hand wash; dry immediatelyDesigned by Steve Cozzolino ..

£85.00 Ex Tax: £85.00