Salt and Pepper

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Kissing Salt and Pepper

The clean, elegantly flared shape of these classy shakers is enough to catch the eye, but the fact that they "kiss" captures the heart. Designed by Karim Rashid, the Kissing Salt and Pepper shakers feature flat planes at the top and bottom where the two seem to meld as one.   Made of Nambé Alloy 1.5 Oz., 5" H. X 1.75"W, ea.  Hand wash; dry immediately Designed by Karim Rashid ..

£67.00 Ex Tax: £67.00

Cradle Salt and Pepper Shaker

Adorn your table with a salt and pepper set that will set the tone for every meal. Lovingly hewn from metal alloy and rich acacia wood, this practical pair has curves to spare. The slightly incongruous shakers (one is slightly wider than the other) feature an ergonomic form that will make seasoning your next feast a delight. Fill with your favorite gourmet salt and pepper and enjoy them as a centerpiece 24 hours a day.Made with Nambé Alloy and Acacia woodSalt: 5 inches high by 2 inches wide..

£67.00 Ex Tax: £67.00

Skye Salt and Pepper Shakers

The Skye Dinnerware Collection takes inspiration from the rolling hills and serene landscape of the Isle of Skye. Crafted of beautiful white bone china, the warm tone is given a fresh perspective through the subtle ridge detail seen in the dinner plate and the dramatic elegance of the mug’s oversized handle design. Complete your tablescape with the Skye Salt and Pepper Set, or gift to a loved one as a wedding or hostess gift. Made of Bone China3” L x 2” W x 3.5” H, eachDishwasher ..

£25.00 Ex Tax: £25.00

Hug Salt and Pepper

The two hourglass-shaped Hug shakers actually fit together in a sweet embrace. This allows you to carry the pair to the table as a single unit.  Of course, the two pieces function individually, with a differing number of holes on top and black and white plastic plugs underneath for identification.   Made of Nambé Alloy 1 Oz., 6" H. X 2.5"W. Pepper: 2" W. Hand wash; dry immediately Designed by Karim Rashid ..

£110.00 Ex Tax: £110.00