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Curvo Wine Rack

The handsome Curvo Wine Rack is a breathtaking example of the way award-winning designer Steve Cozzolino engages the senses through fluid lines and sensual forms. Rich, lustrous acacia wood curves rhythmically to form spaces for four bottles, and the neat Nambé Alloy base completes the sculptural feel of the piece. This wine rack can be displayed from the side or the front for two distinct and fabulously artful effects; watch how people are drawn to it, and how they feel compelled to touch it. &..

£150.00 Ex Tax: £150.00

Blend Bar Board with Knife

Hewn from solid acacia wood with a nook for the knife, the Blend Bar Board with Knife is the ideal way to keep the bar surface high-style and low-clutter during cocktail hour. This smart, handsome accessory is the perfect size for cutting lemons, limes, and other drink garnishes, and it fits neatly alongside classic and contemporary barware. (Also ideal for the mini-chopping needed to make smoothies, green drinks, and other blender creations.) Made with Acacia wood and stainless steel Board: 9..

£50.00 Ex Tax: £50.00

Scoop Server

The award-winning Scoop Server is a functional and modern twist on the classic chip and dip. A smaller vessel hangs over the larger bowl in a graceful arc, allowing for easy, all-in-one-place dipping. Fill with chips and salsa, vegetables and guacamole, or stones with a tea light for an elegant non-mealtime look. Made of Nambé Alloy 11" D. X 8" H. Lower Bowl: 2.5 Qt. Upper Bowl: 6.75 Oz.  Hand wash; dry immediately Pair with the Scoop Server Mini Designed by Wei Young ..

£215.00 Ex Tax: £215.00

Cheese Block with Knife and Spreader

Making a contemporary statement when it goes around the table or graces a buffet, this circular 15-inch-diameter, 2.5-inch-high cheese block of warm acacia wood features lustrous 18/10 stainless-steel inset accents that offer an artistic contrast with additional functionality as the knife and spreader. The 7.5-inch long, 1.5-inch-wide 18/10 stainless-steel knife and spreader accompanying the cheese block echoes the theme with an acacia accent.    15" Cheese block made of Acacia wood&n..

£85.00 Ex Tax: £85.00

Chirp Kettle

The Chirp Kettle is a stunning sculpture for your stovetop. The strong, simple lines and bold balance of shapes make this tea kettle pleasant to hold and easy to pour. Listen for its whistle to signal that your water is boiling.  Made of stainless steel 2.625 Qt., 10" L. X 8" W. X 8" H. Dishwasher safe Design by Steve Cozzolino ..

£113.00 Ex Tax: £113.00

Bella 18" Platter

Sleek and sensuous, the Bella 18-Inch Platter transforms your culinary creations into works of art. Gently curved sides add a graceful note while keeping the food loosely contained. Chill the platter and pile it up with ice, crab legs, and oysters on the half shell to create an elegant Fruits de Mer platter. Or warm it up and use it to ferry in roasted corn or skewers of lamb and veggies straight off the grill. Made with Nambé alloy 18" L x 8.75" W x 3" DHand wash Design by Stev..

£165.00 Ex Tax: £165.00

Spiral Wine Server

The Spiral Wine Server offers the perfect cradling shape for a bottle of your favorite vintage. Chill it in the freezer before dinner to keep your whites and dessert wines cool, or warm it in the oven before inserting a bottle of heated sake or carafe of spiced holiday wine.   Made of Nambé Alloy 4.5" D X 8.5" H. Hand wash; dry immediately  Design by Lisa Smith and Linda Celentano ..

£123.00 Ex Tax: £123.00

Braid Condiment Server

The Braid Condiment Server features a bright braid arranged in a free-spirited series of coils to form a home base for a trio of stunning wood bowls, gently organizing and elevating them. The gleaming chrome accentuates the rich grain of the acacia wood, and when the trio is filled with colorful condiments—green olives, chopped tomatoes, corn salad or anything else -  that’s when the piece really comes alive. Chrome plated and Acacia wood 11.75” L. x 11.75” W. x 3” H. Each Bowl: 12 ..

£118.00 Ex Tax: £118.00

Scoop Ice Bucket

The Scoop Ice Bucket can be chilled before cocktail hour, then brought out and placed on its Acacia wood base, creating a functional sculpture that keeps everything inside nice and cool. Made of stainless steel and Acacia wood 9” D. X 5.7” H. Scoop: 8” L. X 2.75" W. Dishwasher safe Designed by Wei Young ..

£123.00 Ex Tax: £123.00

Bella Wood Handled Tray

Soft planes and serene curves bring out the wood warmth and stunning grain of acacia in the Bella Wood Handled Tray, a must-have for entertainers of all kinds. The flat surface of the tray makes it practical for everything from taking martinis and spiced nuts out to the veranda to offering your famous crostini to cocktail guests. Or load it up with rolled silverware and condiments for an impromptu picnic out back. Simple, classic lines allow it to work in contemporary and traditional settings al..

£95.00 Ex Tax: £95.00

Ice Cream Skoop

Scooping ice cream is twice as fun with Karim Rashid’s bold, playful Ice Cream Skoop. The vibrant shape lets it stand upright as a sculpture while keeping the scoop clean and dry. And when dessert is ready, it fits perfectly in the hand, providing great leverage with frozen ice cream.  Made of chrome-plated zinc alloy 7.5" L. X 2" W.  Dishwasher safe Designed by Karim Rashid ..

£22.00 Ex Tax: £22.00