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Curvo Wine Rack

The handsome Curvo Wine Rack is a breathtaking example of the way award-winning designer Steve Cozzolino engages the senses through fluid lines and sensual forms. Rich, lustrous acacia wood curves rhythmically to form spaces for four bottles, and the neat Nambé Alloy base completes the sculptural feel of the piece. This wine rack can be displayed from the side or the front for two distinct and fabulously artful effects; watch how people are drawn to it, and how they feel compelled to touch it. &..

£150.00 Ex Tax: £150.00

Blend Bar Board with Knife

Hewn from solid acacia wood with a nook for the knife, the Blend Bar Board with Knife is the ideal way to keep the bar surface high-style and low-clutter during cocktail hour. This smart, handsome accessory is the perfect size for cutting lemons, limes, and other drink garnishes, and it fits neatly alongside classic and contemporary barware. (Also ideal for the mini-chopping needed to make smoothies, green drinks, and other blender creations.) Made with Acacia wood and stainless steel Board: 9..

£50.00 Ex Tax: £50.00

Twist Bottle Opener

The Twist Bottle Opener fits perfectly in the hand for easy leverage and smooth operation.   Made of Silver Plate 6" L. X 2.5" WHand wash; dry immediatelyDesigned by Andrew Reed ..

£22.00 Ex Tax: £22.00

Tilt Wine Chiller

Your favorite bottle of white wine or champagne stays cool and crisp when served in our classic Tilt Wine Chiller. Thanks to the excellent thermal properties of the metal, the thick-walled chiller can be placed in the freezer before use, or in the oven if you plan to serve your sake hot at the table.  Made of Nambé Alloy  4.5" D. X 7" H. Hand wash; dry immediately Designed by Nambé Chill Test: In August 2008, we conducted a test through an independent lab to compare how lon..

£85.00 Ex Tax: £85.00

Twist Coaster Set

When the pieces of the Twist coaster set are stacked, the rotation builds so that the column appears to twist upward. A witty design, these self-storing coasters are sold as a set of six. Made of Acacia wood and Nambé Alloy4.25"L. X 4.25"W. X3.5" H. (stack)Hand wash; dry immediatelyDesigned by Lou Henry ..

£120.00 Ex Tax: £120.00

Mikko Ice Bucket with Tongs

An intriguing combination of wood and metal, the Mikko Ice Bucket sits elegantly on your bar or tabletop, keeping its contents cool.  The Ice bucket comes with a pair of tongs that fit cleverly in the lid of the bucket.   Made of stainless steel and Acacia wood 8" L. X 6" W. X 8.25" H. Bucket: Hand wash; dry immediately Tongs: Dishwasher safe Designed by Neil Cohen ..

£123.00 Ex Tax: £123.00

Mikko Bar Tray

The Mikko Bar Tray  is the prefect size for serving beverages at your next dinner party. The tray  features tarnish-resistant steel handles with an inlaid wooden center for easy transport. Made of stainless steel and Acacia wood 19 " L. X 10.5" W. X 1.75" H.  Hand wash; dry immediately Pair with Mikko Ice Bucket and Mikko Coasters Designed by Neil Cohen ..

£67.00 Ex Tax: £67.00

Braid Chip & Dip

A petite dip bowl in Nambé alloy sits like a cool, shining gem in the rich expanse of warm Acacia wood. The Braid Chip & Dip is a practical and tasteful entertaining staple, and the design is timeless enough to work in traditional and modern surroundings. Best of all, the bowl can be removed and chilled or warmed before serving.  Nambé alloy and Acacia wood 16” L. x 14.5” W. x 4” H.Hand wash Designed by Sean O’Hara ..

£150.00 Ex Tax: £150.00

Carve & Serve Station

Nambé’s functional, beautiful Carve & Serve Station is the sort of versatile classic no home should be without. Subtle moat design makes this ideal for carving up juicy meats of all kinds; the shining Nambé Alloy handles add a sweep of elegance that lets this piece work alongside fine china and silver. Don’t confine it to dinner, though. Load up the Carve & Serve station with fresh French bread and an array of fruits and cheeses for slicing and ferry it out onto the deck on a sunny after..

£123.00 Ex Tax: £123.00

Infinity Double Dip

The Infinity Double Dip server is a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Its graceful sculptural lines echo the arc of the scooping motion, but if you look a little closer you can see the infinity symbol traced on the edges of the dippers. Load the bottom with chips or veggies and the top with a duo of dips for a dramatic presentation. Or fill it with colorful rocks or rose petals.  Made of Nambé Alloy 13" L. X 9” W. X 10" H.  Hand wash; dry immediately Pair with the Infinity Platter,..

£235.00 Ex Tax: £235.00