The perfect pieces to entertain in style, Nambé Serveware is equally functional as it is beautiful.  Many of our serving pieces are made of classic Nambé Alloy, which has remarkable thermal properties that allow it to be heated or chilled prior to serving and retain its temperature. With a wide selection of serving bowls, trays, cheese boards, chip and dips, salad bowls, condiment servers and more, Nambé serveware is a wonderful addition to your tabletop.

The art of the dinner party is a dish well served. No tabletop may be considered truly dressed without an arrangement of designer style platters or chic condiment servers. There was a time when the purchase of individually crafted serving dishes would mean seeking out exclusive high street stores. Today, the discerning host can buy serveware online made to the highest quality and unique design. Nambé serveware is created by an exclusive team of award-winning designers. Each craft specialist is handpicked for their unique vision and innovative solutions within a meaningful, contemporary aesthetic, and practical user experience. The serveware collection really does bring to the table, the minimalist spirit of clean line, reflective surface and natural textures applied to tabletop essentials - from centrepiece serving bowls and chip and dip to trays, platters, condiments and cake stands. Each sculpted form presents the physical expression of a poetic concept of material harmony.

Subtle satisfying whole of crafted perfection

A gorgeous green Mediterranean salad can find its perfect presentation of colour and texture in the Nambé ‘Anvil Serving Bowl’ - complete with a pair of matching, fluted servers gently curved around the outer rim. The sleek and sensuous, 18-Inch ‘Bella’ Platter with its graceful, undulating sides instantly transforms your culinary creations into a work of art. Even the modest Chip and Dip becomes a powerful design statement alongside its serverware companions. Across the entire serverware collection, the airbrushed haze of Acacia hardwood patterning or smooth cream granite is in gentle repose alongside the cool elegance of stainless steel or crystal glass. Enigmatic shapes and the elemental are playfully bound together in a subtle satisfying whole of crafted perfection for the most suave of practical handling and manoeuvrability.

Enduring international reputation for its signature alloy blend

First founded in 1951, Nambé has since established an enduring international reputation for its signature alloy blend of eight metals. Known as the “Nambé alloy”, the unique blend of stainless steel boasts a superior quality of temperature retention, perfect for both hot and cold serving vessels. Each finished piece is polished to a stunning, silver lustre, designed to bring a refined sense of form, fluidity and functionality. In 1998, Nambé introduced a collection of full-lead crystal, which is safe to use with food and beverages. Every piece is individually made in the traditional workshop manner of being mouthblown and handcut by the finest glassblowers.

Lifetime’s pleasure while gracing the dinner tabletop

The timeless beauty, artistic integrity and uncompromising quality of the Nambé brand is recognised around the world and, each year, honoured with international awards, such as their ‘Scoop Server’ which won a Gold ADEX for Design Excellence. Individual Nambé pieces are also exhibited in renowned galleries around the world, from The British Museum in London to the Museum of Modern Art in New York. A number of new and classic Nambé products are also regularly featured in leading design publications. When not in use, all dining and serveware, from condiments to trays and pitchers, are designed to be displayed and enjoyed as art in their own right. With proper care, they will continue to provide a lifetime’s pleasure as well as practical use as they elegantly grace the family tabletop.
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Skye Medium Pitcher

Skye Medium Pitcher..

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Braid 18" Oval Platter

Braid Oval Platter - 18"..

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Skye Hors D'Oeuvre Tray

Skye Hors D'oeuvre Tray..

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Skye Wood Individual Salad Bowl

Skye Wood Individual Salad Bowl..

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Skye Oval Platter

Skye Oval Platter..

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Skye Centerpiece Bowl

Skye Wood Centerpiece Bowl..

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Drift Platter

Drift Platter - 17.5"..

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Skye Wood All-Purpose Bowl

Skye Wood All-Purpose Bowl..

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Eco Nut Bowl

The nature-inspired Eco Collection features a cham..

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Infinity Pitcher

Infinity Pitcher..

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Eco Serving Bowl

The nature-inspired Eco Collection features a cham..

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Anvil Tray

Anvil Tray..

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